Conversions Tanja Vans                            

Flexibility, uniqueness and variability!

With our conversions you have alternatives, which mass-production manufactures can never offer you. The unique opportunity to configure interior and exterior exactly the way you want it. Starting with the choice of the vehicle (new, used, front or rear drive or 4x4…), continuing with the selection of the materials used and even the layout and choice of the furniture and components, all of this you can configure to suit your needs. Our experienced workers will help you during the whole process (from choosing the right type and length of the vehicle, all the way to the selecting the upholstery), if you are veteran camper or a complete novice.

We install only components from renowned manufactures (Truma, Dometic, Webasto, Fiamma …) and all the furniture is handmade, so we properly use every inch of the vehicle. Our vehicles are of course sufficiently isolated for all season use. Another advantage is that you don´t have to wait several months for this. From the beginning of the production our conversion is normally finished in two of three weeks and when you come to collect your vehicle, our staff will show and explain the components and functions of your conversions. 


The exemplary models (shown further down) can give you an approximate idea about the realisation options of our conversions. You can choose one of these options, or it can be a starting point of your individual conversion.                        



Tanja Vans 101-104 pegeot citroen fiat   


Tanja Vans 201-202, Motocross volkswagen mercedes-benz iveco    



Individual conversions


Complete crafting and fitting of the interior in the Man horsebox vehicle.

IVECO - semi-trailer

Complete fitting of the interior of the semi-trailer for a quadbike team.


Complete conversion of SETRA coach into an event bus.

MAN - semi-trailer

Complete crafting and fitting of the interior in the Man semi-trailer.